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FCI Hungarian Breed Standard

What is the FCI?


The Fédération Cynologique Internationale is an international federation of kennel clubs founded in 1911 and based in Thuin, Belgium.

The FCI has 84 member countries as of May 2008, with one member per country.  Each member country trains its own judges, regulates its own breed clubs, and maintains its stud books.

Per its founding precepts, Breed Standards for the dog breeds that originated within the borders of each country of the world are the responsibility of that respective country, and rightly so.   Any changes or corrections to breed standards originate from the parent breed club of the country responsible for the breed, and are forwarded to the FCI for endorsement and publication.  The intent is: worldwide breed standard uniformity.  A vizsla in Hungary should basically be indistinguishable from a vizsla in the USA or Argentina.  And ideally, dog show Judges throughout the world should NOT be able to tell which country the dogs in the Ring were born in,  just by observation.

In addition, the FCI sponsors and regulates the World Dog Show and international dog shows.

Its goals are described in Article 2 of their regulations:

The aims of the FCI are to encourage and promote breeding and use of purebred dogs whose functional health and physical features meet the standard set for each respective breed and which are capable of working and accomplishing functions in accordance with the specific characteristics of their breed; to protect the use, keeping and breeding of dogs in the member countries; to support free exchange of dogs and cynological information between member countries and initiate the organization of exhibitions and tests.

Hungarian (Short-Haired) Pointer (Vizsla) Breed Standard

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