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PLEASE NOTE:  You will not find flashy photographs of our breeding stock’s AKC show or field championship wins nor brags about titles on any pages of our website.  It is not our intention to appeal to show exhibitors nor field trial enthusiasts, both of whom comprise a very small fraction of the total  Vizsla buying public.  The focus of our kennel is ideally directed towards the weekend foot hunter and to a lesser degree, dog-experienced, active families in search of the ideal dog to adopt for their family.  The Vizsla is not a dog suitable for a first time dog owner nor for someone who has not previously owned a hunting breed.  But, experienced non hunting families looking solely for a pet and willing to make a concerted effort to train the pup at an early age, will be very pleased to know that of all the hunting breeds, the Hungarian Vizsla is the most loving and couch potatoey of them all when in the house  ….exception…. be forewarned….once the door bell rings…be prepared for some exuberant action!

In Hungary,  reputable Hungarian Vizsla breeders must jump through a lot more hoops than their AKC counterparts before they can breed their dogs and be allowed to officially register their puppies with the Hungarian Kennel Club.  First, they must pass an official breed examination that includes careful verification they have a breed appropriate temperament and conformation.  Next they must pass a hip x-ray evaluation and certification that rules out any sign of hip dysplasia.    Additionally, both males and females must pass a comprehensive all day field hunting exam before being finally awarded Breeding Rights.   Only after all these steps have been taken and passed, can progeny be registered with the Hungarian Kennel Club.   This is done in Hungary because above all, the Vizsla is a hunting dog and is bred with that purpose in mind.  The fact that he is also a fabulous family dog, is just icing on the cake!.   Championship conformation titles are desired but not absolutely required to be awarded Breeding Rights in Hungary.


It’s a different story in the USA.  Where most reputable breeders fall into the “part time” or “hobby breeder” category in the USA,  top reputable European  Breeders are into it “full time” because there is just so much more they must comply with to get Breeding Rights for their dogs and because they consider it their Profession, not their hobby.   Our pedigrees,  created by Hungarian Master Breeder professionals, reflect their intimate first hand knowledge of all the dogs listed in the pedigrees as well as their hard work, integrity and dedication to the Hungarian Vizsla breed not only because of their great love for the breed but also because the Vizsla has been an integral part of Hungarian culture for centuries and is a source of immense national pride to this day.

All Country of Origin Vizsla female breeding stock have outstanding pedigrees.   They are OFA certified,  have beautiful  conformation,  possess good breed appropriate temperaments and have proven natural hunting ability.  All our dogs and puppies are AKC registered.   In designing our kennel and breeding program, we try hard to follow the European model as closely as possible.  We are a relatively new vizsla kennel and despite the extraordinary expenses and limitations of having a strictly European Vizsla kennel outside the European continent,  we are achieving considerable success.   That said, as EVERY breeder knows, there is no such thing as a “perfect” dog and Breeding is not an exact science.

This is our “founding bitch”:

Vadaszfai Citera, NAVHDA NA Prize II, JH, TT, CGC

Vadaszfai Citera

Citera has outstanding conformation with a beautiful Hungarian head and correct “bread-crust” color.  She measures 23.5 inches at the highest point of her shoulder and weighs 49 lbs.   She is at the higher end of the breed standard of height for females.  Both show and hunting bloodlines are in her pedigree.

Citeras OFA # VZ-12908G24F-VPI

Vadaszfai Citera’s Hungarian Pedigree is below:

Vadaszfai Citera AKC Registration is below:

Citera’s AKC Registration

The photo below is of Puszizoro Simon, Vadaszfai Citera’s grandfather.  At  over 10 years of age he hunted intensively and he was an absolutely healthy, well-balanced male with strong bones and very typical, beautiful head.   He is on the cover of the booklet VCH ‘The Hungarian Vizsla’!

His mother’s litter mate, Kilátótéri Fürge Mokány, is very famous all over England and Hungary. The grandmother, Kávai Pompás, was the ‘star’ of the eighties. Simon’s father, Mátai Dudás was line bred to Mátai Csutka, who was the most successful bitch in hunting competitions and in the show ring in the 1980’s.

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