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“Country of Origin Vizsla puppies are in high demand as these puppies are from the  same Master Breeder bloodlines you would get in Europe, at much less cost since you would not have to purchase in Euros nor pay for overseas transportation. You may  have to be on a waiting list for a year or longer before you get a puppy or you may just get lucky and move unexpectedly up the waiting list.  If you do not want to wait for a Hungarian bloodline Vizsla born in the USA from Country of Origin,  we can refer you to our  trusted sources of great Hungarian puppies  elsewhere in the USA or abroad in whom we have confidence and where you might be able to obtain one sooner.   Be prepared to wait for a good Hungarian Vizsla.  It is well worth it,  you will not be disappointed.”

Be informed!  Please read  this new vizsla study regarding early spay/neuter:



Please note, that we normally do not ship puppies and that a “home visit”  may be a requirement prior to the acceptance of any deposit on a pup if you live close by, if not,  photos of your home inside and out may be required.   Breeder follow up for the life of the pup is a given.

The following questions are being asked so that we might become better acquainted with you and your family and to help match you with an appropriate puppy. Please answer all questions and remember to include City and State along with your street address.

Puppy Inquiry
Street Address, City, State and Zip Code

Thank you for answering this questionnaire and for your interest in Country of Origin Vizslas.  We will get back with you within a few days.  If your application is approved, you may be sent an approval letter and may be asked to submit a $100 deposit to be placed on our priority approved wait list for the next available litter.  Some applicants will be sent an approval letter asking for a full $500 deposit on a puppy. Owners like this feature, as they then know they are guaranteed a puppy and can confidently discontinue their search.  This  wait list deposit, as well as our standard deposit shall be applied towards the price of the puppy and is non refundable.

Meanwhile, please revisit our website making sure to fully read the puppy page and the Q & A sections.  Email us with any questions or concerns.  Please review Hungarian Vizsla Health at One of our aims is to provide prospective Vizsla owners with the most accurate information regarding the Vizsla breed in the most understandable and user friendly manner.  Our website is still under construction. therefore your feedback and constructive comments on how to improve it will be appreciated.

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