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Sample Sales Contract

We at C-of-O are very concerned about maintaining and protecting the Hungarian breed standard we are working so hard to foster and preserve in the USA.  Most breeders only sell on limited registrations to avoid over breeding and to protect the breed standard.  If you are serious about having a show puppy or are considering breeding, and can commit to the time, training and financial responsibility that it entails, please make that fact known to us asap so we can pick out an appropriate puppy for you.  We can make no guarantee as to the ultimate show/breeding  quality of any puppy, as that is in the hands of mother nature, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

 Otherwise, your puppy will be sold on an AKC limited registration.  This means they will not be allowed to be bred or shown in conformation events unless there is sufficient cause for Country of Origin Vizslas to lift the limited registration.  You will, however,  still be able to show them in agility, obedience and hunting competitions.

If your intention is to show or breed your dog, or if you are definitely considering the possibility, the puppy  chosen for you  would  be sold on a Country of Origin  AKC co-ownership registration basis.  Purchasing a puppy on a co-ownership basis implies that you are in fundamental agreement with Country of Origin’s mission to help foster European bloodline Vizslas in the USA.   In such case you would need Country of Origin’s explicit written approval of any future breeding program prior to breeding.  Without that written approval you would not be able to register your litter with the AKC.  Country of Origin Kennel would be listed as a co-owner on AKC registration documents and you would be required to list us as co-owners if you were to register the dog with other registries such as UKC.  In order for a breeding to be warranted, all dogs involved must have health clearances, passed a natural ability hunting exam or at least have earned a JH title, have a good temperament and be deemed a suitable match.  Help and guidance thru these steps is offered by Country of Origin Vizslas and our consultants.  This may seem daunting at first to the newcomer,  but with gradient baby steps, it is a doable, fun and very rewarding experience.





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