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2016 Litter News

October 13, 2016.

UPDATE ON COUNTRY OF ORIGIN FRAKK, GRANDSON OF VADASZFAI CITERA. Frakkie, age 5 months, on opening day of Dove season in Georgia. His vet/hunter owner reports that he retrieved “perfectly” delivering doves to hand. His owners are absolutely thrilled. During the work week, he accompanies his owner to the veterinary clinic where he always displays good manners, honoring when needing to stay out of the treatment rooms or going into his crate or bed for naps.. At home. he loves just being in close proximity with his owners wherever they may be. But true to the adage that “no one is perfect”, he has his weaknesses too, as evidenced by his treatment of the Kleenex Box!

Opening Day of Dove Season in GA

Opening Day of Dove Season in GA




August 19, 2016

Last weekend we drove up to Valdosta, Georgia to personally deliver our beloved 3 month old male pup Country of Origin Frakk to his new owners, Sammy, a Veterinarian who is also a hunter and his wife Ginger. This was their first Vizsla having had only German Shorthaired Pointers in the past. I got a few texts and emails the last couple of days and this is what they have had to say about Frakkie: “He is doing fabulously well. He is sitting on command and comes when called. He and our red cat hit it off from the first moment. He is bright, affectionate, calm, mannerly and wants to please. Sammy is thrilled with him…more than he could ever have imagined! Frakk’s intelligence and affection shows in the eye contact he makes. Everyone who has had interaction with him has been VERY IMPRESSED. He is everything we wished, hoped and prayed for. We are so appreciative and grateful that you shared a piece of your heart with us. THANK YOU”
Sammy & Ginger M., Madison, GA.

Country of Origin Frakk

Country of Origin Frakk

May 31, 2016

The Master and the Rookie! The little guy below is Ari, barely 3 months old, from Country of Origin’s 2016 Spring litter, at Doggie Daycare in Houston, Texas. His owner, Carly says “he is the Star of his Puppy Class”. And I can see why. Such concentration and desire to please in a puppy so young is rare. You will go far little Ari….


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